Getting Ready for Sales Greatness – Scott Moss – M Sales Growth Advisors – July, 1 2020

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Scott Moss of M Sales Growth Advisors joins me  to talk about the choices and mechanics of adding a sales resource and creating a non-founder lead sales process – this is a growth stage that all entrepreneurial companies face as they scale. The decision to bring in non-founder/CEO sales talent is a significant one. It is a defining moment where the business takes active steps to become BIGGER than the founder, and to take on its own identity, mission and momentum.

In this hour plus conversation, we cover a ton. We talk about the important issues in sales like why “Finger Guns” are bad, and we agreed on a firm rule that you should never hire your Dad.

But more directly to you scaling your founder lead business (ad agency, development agency, service business…whatever) we cover:

  1. What Are Your Sales Options?
  2. Do You Hire Experienced Resources or Create Your Own Process?
  3. When Is The Right Time To Hire Sales Resources?
  4. How To Onboard Your Sales Resource.
  5. How To Manage Your Sales Resource Without Anxiety!

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Table of Contents

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