ADHD Resources

ADHD Resources

This is a free form list of ADHD resources – books, podcasts, apps & more that make a difference to me as an ADHDer, and also to me as the parent of ADHDers. If you have a great ADHD resource that isn’t listed here – leave a comment or contact me.

ADHD Coach: I’ve tried coaching numerous times, and generally speaking, it has failed because ADHD can sort of make you coach-resistant. The only time it has worked is when I used a coach that was ALSO ADHD. Your mileage may vary, but I had a completely awesome experience with Marla Cummins – ADHD Coach. She is pretty magical.

Weekly Planning Sessions: Weekly planning sessions are hard. They suck. They are full of detail. And they are 100% needed to keep the ship headed in the right direction. Here is a great guide (written by Marla):  The ADHD Adult’s Guide To Weekly Planning

Therapists & Psychiatrists: For many, medication and therapy is crucial. If   you are lucky enough to be near one, I cannot recommend the Hallowell Centers more highly. Run by Dr. Ned Hallowell (author of a few of the books below), the Hallowell Centers are purpose made for the diagnosis, treatment and success for ADHDers. The Hallowell Centers are here to “help you unwrap your gifts”. They are located in Boston, New York City, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Books: There are hundreds (thousands) of books on ADHD – so this is in no way a comprehensive list. But these are books that I have read and have helped me. I think they are worth a look:

Originally published in 1995 and updated recently, Driven To Distraction is the first place where I recognized the story of my life. This is a beautiful book that helps you see yourself as someone who is part of the ADHD tribe. It is important to belong. But moreover, this book helps you understand yourself. Read it. It matters.


This book is a terrific resource that goes beyond the magical “AHA!” that hit me when I first read Driven to Distraction. This is about ADHD management – time resources, health resources and stories of functional tips on how to manage the downsides of ADHD so that you can maximize the many benefits.




Peter Shankman’s Faster Than Normal is a hands-on owner’s manual to celebrating your unique gifts. Shankman talks about creating a life of fewer choices so you have more freedom (crazy, right?), or limiting options so making the right choices is easier. For example, Shankman is a well-regarded speaker who writes into his contracts that if speaking in Las Vegas, it has to be scheduled so that he never spends a night in Vegas with nothing to do. This is a book about self-knowledge, and using it to protect yourself from the downside of ADHD so you can maximize the upside. Read this right now, OK?


If you are married and have ADHD, or you are married to someone with ADHD, read The ADHD Effect on Marriage today. Reading it sucks. If you have ADHD, it makes you realize how difficult it is to be married to you. If you are the non-ADHD partner, it will probably show you how you have adapted to your environment in ways that you aren’t thrilled with. Jump in, kids – it is important.



Other Resources: 

Dr. Russell BarkleyWhile more academic than Hallowell, Barkley is awesome at explaining ADHD in a way that makes sense to non-ADHDers. If fact, watch his description of ADHD as an Intention Deficit Disorder right now:



There are thousands of great productivity and task management apps out there. Only two have stuck around:

ToDoist: This is my current task manager. This helps organize, categorize (subject & kind of task) and remind. I couldn’t do my weekly planning without it.

OmniFocusFor years, OmniFocus was my jam. It was Mac native (hugely important) but then I lapsed into bad habits and stopped using it. It has made a huge comeback and it may become my task manager again (I am grooving on the native Siri integration).

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