Agency Growth Programs & Consulting

It’s hard to grow an agency.
It challenges you mentally, financially, emotionally.

We are here to help you fight through the obstacles to build an agency that generates more revenue, more profit & more happy.

Everything we do at is dedicated to improving the lives of agency owners.

The best way for us to help you realize the revenue, profit & impact potential of your agency, is to work with you 1 on 1 or in a group coaching setting to find the right path to sustainable revenue & profit growth to build your agency so that it becomes an asset that works for you.

What’s the big difference between our agency growth programs and those you find elsewhere? Well, in most programs they teach you what they know. In both our 1 on 1 and group agency coaching programs we leverage a team of experienced experts to teach you what YOU need to learn to drive revenue & profits, hire & grow a scalable team and land the right clients for you.

Agency Breakout

This is a 6 month group coaching experience designed to help you 2x-3x your agency revenues & profits.

Perfect for the agency that needs to develop dependable lead gen solutions, close come deals, create scalable processes & start to elevate the founder out of day to day operations.

Perfect for the agency between $20,000-$75000/MRR.

agency kickoff coaching

Agency Kickoff

Designed for the busy solo founder who needs feedback and guidance but doesn’t have the bandwidth to invest into large ongoing projects.

Perfect for an agency of any size..

Agency Accelerator

This bespoke agency growth program is for agency owners who want to scale their agency & generate real enterprise value.

The goal of Agency Accelerator is to create a path to 2x-4x growth agency revenue, develop a senior management team, and positions the agency CEO/Founder as an executive leader of an agency that grows revenues & profits sustainably.

Perfect for agencies between $75K+/MRR

About The Tim Kilroy Team

Growing an agency is hard. We should know – the team at has nearly a century of agency experience.

And we’ve built agency growth coaching programs that are proven to create agency leaders that turn their agencies into the high-growth, high-profit, high-impact marketing agencies they deserve.

Tim helped us define our value proposition, refine our messaging, and scale up our biz dev wins…

Leslie Carruthers
CEO & Founder, The Search Guru
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