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Hi. I’m Tim Kilroy.

I’m an agency coach & advisor  that helps marketing, development & creative agencies create better positioning, better teams, better processes, better sales & marketing, & a better client experience. 

The result? 


Create more revenue,
more profits & more happy

An experienced agency coach can help you create the agency that you want to grow. Working together, we will help your agency develop the teams & systems you need to land higher quality clients, manage those relationships better, hire & retain better employees.

Unlock the secrets
to acquiring the RIGHT clients & the RIGHT team

After two decades if running agencies, we've coached over 200 agencies. That experience shows us that sustained, profitable growth starts with landing the right clients & managing the right team. Growth starts inside your agency, not in lead gen tricks..

About Tim

I’ve worked with over 200 agencies to help them solve problems ranging from “how do I get my 1st client” to “how do we maximize our exit value”?

Our clients do amazing things like grow 8x in a year or reduce their client churn by 90%. Our team has helped dozens of agency owners hire their first sales team member a Head of Services. We’ve help agencies reshape their offers, change their markets adjust their positioning, create lead gen systems, increase referrals, reduce employee & client churn, & create more profits.

We create the change that creates the results every agency owner wants:


Agency Growth Programs & Consulting

Business Growth For Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to grow an agency.
It challenges you mentally, financially, emotionally.

We are here to help you fight through the obstacles to build an agency that generates more revenuemore profit & more happy.

Focus Friday & Winning Wednesday

Business Growth For Entrepreneurs

Focus Friday is a weekly video essay & update on entrepreneurship. Winning Wednesday is all things sales. This is your twice weekly dose of awesome…

The Kilroy Report Podcast

The Kilroy Report isn’t just another marketing podcast. We want to tell the stories of agency owners, entrepreneurs & the people that love them. These are stories of business growth, personal growth & building something extraordinary in a world that wants you to be ordinary.

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The Urgent Emergency

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Agency Growth

Horizontal vs Vertical Growth

Should agency leaders be thinking about growing horizontally or vertically? Horizontal growth means that you are providing services to people regardless of industry or size. You

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Create The Agency That You Want To Run

Agency Growth Programs

We are here to help you fight through the obstacles to build an agency that generates more revenue, more profit & more happy.

Success Stories

Bostjan Amazing..

In 10 weeks, we went from 7 clients to 17 - from low 6 figures to mid 6 figures. It just happened so fast - better scripts, better lead gen channels, and better close rates. There were problems I didn't even know how to express and we were able to create plans to solve them. So good...

Wilding The Guy Is A Wizard...

In less than 8 weeks, my MRR increased by 80-90%. When we started, I was a stressed out mess. But working with Tim, we created systems that allowed my team to do their work...and for me work on the business. When we started, my stress was at a 10 - now it is a 1 or a 2. And, I know we've just scratched the surface of what he knows.

Anfernee This Changed Everything...

In 3 months, we had a new offer (much much bigger), a new sales script, a new onboarding process, and a new way to talk about ourselves to our clients. In our 1st full month after working together, we landed $110K in new business...and it has only gotten better from there...

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