Agency Kickoff: Truly Affordable Agency Coaching

You are early in your agency journey – probably under $20K MRR.

It’s hard, right?

What if we told you there was a way to get agency coaching for under $100/mo?

  • Learn 7-figure agency growth strategies (but scaled down so that you can execute).
  • Get direct feedback on your weekly activities.
  • Get twice monthly trainings from agency growth experts.
  • Get twice monthly Office Hours/AMA from Tim!

Let’s get growing with Agency Kickoff.

Do You Want To Grow Your Agency Using Our 20+ Years of Agency Management Experience?

Leading an early stage agency is BRUTAL. Everything is on your plate. From sales to fulfillment, you touch everything.

Leading an agency is hard.

Do you want to know why?

Because being between a freelancer & a CEO is a treacherous place where you have ambition, opportunity, and not nearly enough resources.

Getting to the next stage means you’ve got to do everything differently.

But you are too flippin’ busy to make changes.

That’s why we created Agency Kickoff.

We want you to steal from our playbook. How would you like to get:

  • 5 Minute Fridays: 1 on 1 feedback on what you accomplished last week & adjustments to your plan from next week.
  • Lead Gen Training: Training on how to effectively execute cold outreach through email & LinkedIn (includes messaging frameworks that we use today!)
  • Access To Our Content Library: We’ve been at this game a long time – get access to all of our content & trainings (coming soon!)
  • Become A Content Creation Machine: Learn our system that helps us create an entire month’s worth of social content in under 3 hours a month!
  • Manage Your Money Like The Big Guys: Get our cash management template that makes sure that you are on the road to profitability.
  • Sales & Proposals: Learn how to create winning offers, proposals and run sales calls that close.

This is real agency coaching, with real 1 on 1 feedback, with battle-tested strategies that help you land new clients, run your business profitably, hire a great team and transform yourself from a freelancer with helpers to an agency leader.

We know that other agency coaching programs talk about their foolproof systems and templates.
We call BS.
Their templates & their systems might have worked for them. But you aren’t them – or us. That’s why you get personalized 1 on 1 feedback via email EVERY week & you get 2 office hours every month to get your burning questions answered.

And, you’ll be part of a Slack community of other early stage agency owners where you can hear what’s working for them right now. (And our community leaders will help you figure out how you can implement stuff that works for you…

Agency Kickoff Is What You Need

Over the last 5 years, we’ve turned away hundreds of thousands of dollars n business from small & start up agencies because we know how valuable every dollar is. But now we are ready to help marketing, development & creative agencies who are under $20K/mo MRR – and we are doing so for under $100/mo – with NO obligation.

Our team is comprised of senior agency growth coaches alongside specialized experts in sales, systems, automation, operations, finance, copywriting, recruiting & lead generation to help you maximize your business. We turn all of that experience into content and tactics that you can implement in your agency TODAY.

This is agency growth coaching that is geared to where you are right now. Get personalized agency growth feedback EVERY week. Get live & recorded trainings from incredible experts in sales, lead gen, account management, operations & more. And perhaps the two best opportunities of all, twice a month AMA with Tim AND access to a thriving community of early stage agency owners who can support you, refer business to you, partner with you and more.

Bostjan Amazing..

In 10 weeks, we went from 7 clients to 17 - from low 6 figures to mid 6 figures. It just happened so fast - better scripts, better lead gen channels, and better close rates. There were problems I didn't even know how to express and we were able to create plans to solve them. So good...

Wilding The Guy Is A Wizard...

In less than 8 weeks, my MRR increased by 80-90%. When we started, I was a stressed out mess. But working with Tim, we created systems that allowed my team to do their work...and for me work on the business. When we started, my stress was at a 10 - now it is a 1 or a 2. And, I know we've just scratched the surface of what he knows.

Anfernee This Changed Everything...

In 3 months, we had a new offer (much much bigger), a new sales script, a new onboarding process, and a new way to talk about ourselves to our clients. In our 1st full month after working together, we landed $110K in new business...and it has only gotten better from there...

    Are you ready for Agency Kickoff?

    The goal of Agency Kickoff is to help you grow from a freelancer with help to an agency leader who can focus on agency growth, not just survival.

    We are here to help you create more revenue, more profit & more happy – all for under $100/mo.