Tim Kilroy is a dynamic marketing speaker who brings two decades of cutting edge innovation to your event. 

OK – someone told me I should write about my speaking in the 3rd person – and that I should treat myself like I would a client – but it feels weird. So here is the straight skinny:


I get seriously pumped up about speaking.

I am totally amped when I am in front of an audience. I feel at home there.


I love to share what I have learned over two decades of building and growing businesses.

A lot of that is helping audiences understand how to balance the rapidly-changing world of digital marketing with their mission as a company.


I want to help you stand out.

I love, maybe more than anything, to show individuals, entrepreneurs and companies how to share their values, how to imbue their marketing with their unique brand, and how not to be afraid to be different. Standing out in the crowd is the point, after all, isn’t it?


My goal, as a speaker, is to create a spark in my audience that helps them believe that they can create a solution.

It doesn’t matter if it is a growth marketing problem, a should I start a company problem, or a how do I use this insane technical world of data to jumpstart my sales growth problem. My job, when I am on stage is to inform, entertain and yeah – I am going to say it – empower the audience.

Let’s discover how we can get your audience informed and INSPIRED

Grant Arnott
Content Manager, Online Retailer

After seeing Tim Kilroy speak at the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago, we approached Tim to present a keynote at Online Retailer, the Asia-Pacific’s largest e-commerce event.

Travelling from Boston to Sydney, Australia, Tim presented a highly informative, polished keynote with bulletproof takeaways. The savvy audience of e-commerce professionals gained invaluable insights into modern SEO, content management and digital marketing for a highly complex and highly profitable business, Wayfair.

Tim has a fantastic presentation style – affability mixed with detailed insights, practical advice and smart content structure. We would welcome Tim back to future events, and recommend him as a speaker on all things digital marketing.

CEO & Founder at Omniconvert; Founder at Omniconvert CVO Academy Co-host at The eCommerce Growth Stories

I’ve had the pleasure to have Tim as a guest speaker in our podcast and at the eCommerce Growth Summit.

He is simply great, insightful, and fun to work with (while we had technical issues, we even made karaoke to maintain 4k people connected 🙂

In such a noise of so-called “eCommerce experts,” Tim is standing out as his know-how and insights in the eCommerce industry are applicable, tested & working.

I would recommend Tim to be a part of a new wave of educators, as he manages to share the know-how while keeping you connected & entertained.