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When the World Turns Upside Down, Creating Real Relationships Is The Only Path Forward.

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Hey, my name is Tim Kilroy.

I’ve founded & scaled 3 agencies. Today, I work with agency owners & entrepreneurs to help them grow faster. 

As we all emerge out of turmoil,  businesses will grow more quickly than ever. Amazing opportunities will emerge.

I’ve been around a while (started my first agency after the dot com crash of 2001, started my 2nd in the midst of the financial crisis in 2008).

Here’s what I discovered during those economic recoveries…

When opportunities are booming, the best businesses are built on a connection. And you can build powerful connections at scale through the power of Cold Messaging.

I sent my first cold message in 1997. It was terrible. But I got a response. Since then, cold messaging has been my go-to channel to jumpstart sales.

Many things have changed – there are better tools, better data, and better opportunities. But what hasn’t changed is that winning more business means creating more relevant connections…

Over the last 23 years, I have sent thousands of kinds of cold e-mails, LinkedIn messages, and Facebook messages. I’ve worked with big businesses and small, and cold messaging has consistently had the HIGHEST return of any sales activity in my career. Cold e-mail & messaging has outperformed trade shows, direct mail, print advertising, Facebook advertising, search advertising…

The only things that compare are SEO & referrals – and you can’t scale either on demand.

So, I’ve created a guide that gives you the strategies, frameworks, and insights you need to start and scale your cold messaging.

Cold messaging consistently brings my business 6-7 figures in revenue every single year.

Yeah – like clockwork, cold e-mail drives ready to buy now leads to your sales funnel.

Even better, it drives leads who aren’t ready to commit into your orbit, so they can buy when they are ready.

Cold messaging builds your sales for today and your pipeline for tomorrow

Sales are created through trust and insight. Cold e-mail delivers both.

I’ve created a guide that takes all the lessons that I have learned about e-mail and given you a step by step path to:

Cold Messaging Is a Core Growth Strategy




Is The Cold E-Mail Compendium Worth It?

These are the stats from my most recent cold e-mail campaign:
206 Opened
0 %
62 Replied
0 %

You Decide.

Grab Your Cold E-Mail Compendium for just $47

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What Do Readers Say?

Paris Childress


The Cold E-Mail Compendium has helped Paris & his agency – hop-online increase cold e-mail connections and response rates. Learn more at timkilroy.com/cold-email

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If You've Read "Predictable Revenue," You'll Love This Guide

Tim’s short guide for cold email is an excellent resource for agency owners, consultants and professionals looking to book new business. I like that Tim directly cited examples, gives you both frameworks and specific examples (e.g. dozens of models for successful cold email subject lines). Here are 3 initial lessons I’ve taken from the guide (and I haven’t finished reading it yet).

1. How To Structure Your Cold Email Campaigns (no more “blank page syndrome”): 3 powerful frameworks to guide thinking about cold email. No more sending a random email here and there and just hoping that those efforts will bring in business.

2. How to provide value in a cold email. Asking for a demo or call right away? You can do better than that by following Tim’s advice. Follow this guidance, and you will immediately stand out compared to everybody else trying.

3. Inside the Anatomy of a Cold Email. Find out the 7 components of a cold email and how to fine tune each piece to give your message the best chance to connect with your prospect.

“Sales, when done well, is a service to the buyer.”
Tim Kilroy