Nathan Lomax Quickfire Digital – The Power of Giving Back – The Kilroy Report Podcast

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Nathan Lomax is pretty amazing. From fast-growing startup agency founder (Quickfire Digital) to corporate supporter of his favorite football club, Nathan would seem to have the world at his fingertips.

Join me as we talk to Nathan about his “consortium” sales partners and the way he approaches his business – those are the expected things on a business podcast. But follow us as Nathan tells us about the pressure & the burnout that lead him to a pretty low trough.

And from that trough, Nathan decided to rise – he founded The Giveaway Gang. And an impulse to help himself feel better by giving something back resulted in 8000 gifts being distributed to people in need. It’s a pretty awesome story – worth a listen. Because as I mentioned, Nathan Lomax is pretty amazing.


Table of Contents

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