Cold Outreach Tips

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Cold Outreach is not spraying and praying. It’s about focusing on the recipient of the cold email. You need to think about any cold email in terms of parts and in terms of the recipient. Focus on what it’s like to read the email, not on how fast you can write it and send it.

The goal of a cold email is to get a response, not to make a sale. You’re not trying to show that you are better than your competition. You’re not trying to show that you’re the cheapest or the fastest. All you’re trying to do is get someone to take 15 seconds and type a “sounds great” reply. 

There has to be a reason why you’re sending a cold email (an event, a happening, a change, an opportunity). The fact that you would like to make a sale is not a reason to send a cold email. You have to find a reasonable trigger that’s relevant to both you and the recipient, and then you need to articulate problems. What are the problems or opportunities related to this trigger? 

Trigger, Problem/Opportunity Presentation, Offer of Help. Simple. Direct. Effective.

Table of Contents

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