The 4Ws

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The 4W’s are the operating principles of your business. Whom do I serve? What’s my target market? What do I do? How do I succinctly and clearly communicate the activities that I do that create value for my client? What’s in it for my client? How do I measure and show the value that I bring in empiric terms? Why should we be hired? Why me? Why us?

The answers to these questions are the tools that you use to grow your business. You need to be able to answer them really clearly and really well, because when you can express those answers in a way that creates enormous value for your clients, it positions you as an authority. Take time to figure out what it is about you and your approach to your client’s business that makes it worth the risk of writing you that first check. Ask and answer these questions on a regular basis, and your answers are going to change over time, but if you can’t answer them, we should set up a call. 

Table of Contents

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