Improve Your Agency’s Revenue

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One of the biggest challenges for agencies when they’re trying to generate revenue is understanding the value of what they’re delivering. Some people try to overwhelm the client with a list of activities that they’re going to do in the hopes that the client will say “Yes, I’ll pay you money for that.” That doesn’t ever work. 

Position yourself so that what the client is paying you is a good deal relative to what they’re going to get. Price based on the value delivered rather than the activity done. Make sure you’re talking to the right people.

Match what you’re charging with what the client can afford. You have to know that your client can afford the level of service you’re trying to provide and that they understand it. 

Think about your initial revenue as the beginning of a revenue growth opportunity. You don’t have to win the business at your total most amazing top price. Look to land and expand.

Table of Contents

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