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Dave Jackson, founder of School of Podcastingspeaks with Tim about leveraging podcast marketing. Dave has been in the podcasting space since 2005. Back then he sometimes felt like a lone voice in the desert. Today, he tells us that podcasting can be a great marketing arm for your business. Insightful podcasts give your listeners a chance to get to know and trust you, while helping to develop your brand recognition.

Dave says there are two kinds of shows. He finds that interviews help to grow your network, while solo shows help grow your influence. He feels it’s important to imagine you are speaking to just one person. Be sure to thank them for tuning in because there are so many choices out there, and they chose your podcast.

Having good content is great, but getting people to listen to your podcast can be challenging. Make sure you are crystal clear on who your audience is. Dave suggests joining groups or searching your podcast topic on Amazon in order to look at the 2 and 4 star reviews because those are the ones where people say I gave you a 2 because you said this, or I only gave you a 4 because you didn’t say this. You can also go on YouTube and read reviews of video podcasts related to your topic. Always be looking for ways to improve your podcast and for new guests to invite on. 

Don’t invest a lot of time in researching which microphone to purchase. Instead, put that time and effort into finding out what your audience is interested in hearing. Never send generic guest invitations. Instead, send personalized requests, and provide an example of why they would be a good fit for your audience. Dave suggests ending every episode by asking your audience to share it with someone they think would enjoy it.

Table of Contents

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