Thrilled to Be Working With Golf Pixel

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I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be a formal advisor to GolfPixel. GP is a terrific startup in the adtech space that is uniquely focused on the golf marketer and golf consumer.
By leveraging great golf publisher relationships, as well as great golf marketer relationships, Golf Pixel is poised to create THE BEST display advertising and retargeting solutions to golf marketers.
What does this mean for marketers? 1.) In-market consumers who are looking for GOLF items 2.) Superior performance using same creative 3.)Lack of wasted impressions to visitors who fit the right demo but aren’t in market. For consumers? They get the right ad at the right time while they are shopping.
I will be helping out in biz dev and strategy. I am psyched to be working with Steve Mougis and his terrific team!

Table of Contents

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