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Hi, I'm Tim.

Over the last 20 years, across 7 different agencies, I have given literally thousands of agency pitches. 

The Perfect Proposal Framework is the result of 2 decades worth of refining, honing, revising & fiddling with proposals to create a proposal that would stand out, stand up, & help me win more business.

This is it.

The Perfect Proposal Framework is an easy to use, easy to assemble proposal that has been tested and proven to help close clients from Mom & Pop local businesses to multi-billion dollar brands.

And it's FREE.

You just can't send any old proposal to's a crazy competitive market, and until you've got a signed agreement, nothing is set in stone. The Perfect Proposal Framework gives your prospect all the information and insight that they need in order to know that you aren't just a solution, but 

This framework is 100% free, but the impact is big.

So, why I am giving this away?

First, I want you to be part of my eco-system.
Second, I want you to buy the editable version of this framework (and get some awesome extra content).
Third, the world is full of boring proposals - and I want to stop that - a proposal should be interesting, compelling (and maybe even fun!)
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Build Your Authority
The Perfect Proposal Framework builds your authority throughout the process, showing your expertise step by step, until there is no doubt that you & your company are the right choice...even if you have no experience in this market.
Create Massive Value
Show your prospect that you understand their problems, and are purpose-built to solve them. The Perfect Proposal Framework is designed to continually reinforce that your solution is the perfect fit.
Remove Pricing Barriers
Forget about discounts and negotiations...The Perfect Proposal Framework is built around the premise that value is worth paying for, and you will take your prospect on a journey that will end with your prospects asking, "When can we start?"
perfect proposal framework
'He blew up my business...'
- Andriy - Flowium
'The guy is a wizard...'
- Wilding - AccelGrow
'Our business is more valuable after working with Tim...'
- Dan - Trident Growth Partners
The results from using The Perfect Proposal Framework are going to vary. You may or may not close more business when you leverage this proposal framework. Closing business takes a lot of work, and is a lot more involved than just creating a great proposal. But you know that already...and if you didn't, you do now. So, go on, get The Perfect Proposal Framework, see if it works for you. And if you need more help closing agency sales, let's chat...there is a lot that I can help with...
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