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We keep on getting bigger. Earlier this month, we acquired EcomAllies, a fast-growing performance agency that serves fast-growing ecommerce brands. Want to know why we made this acquisition? Read on.....

Kilroy Holdings Acquires eComAllies - A Key Element in Our Portfolio

Kilroy Acquires eComAlliesEarlier in October, Kilroy Holdings (that’s our fancy corporate name) acquired eComAllies…a fast-growing performance marketing agency that serves fast-growing ecommerce brands. (Notice the fast growing theme?)

We’ve known Charlie Johnson, eComAllies founder, for quite a while now. He was an Agency Accelerator client, and we referred some clients his way. As I got to know Charlie & the team, I always thought that they had the right stuff to become a serious powerhouse.

When the opportunity to bring Charlie and the team into the Kilroy family, well, we couldn’t say no.

So, Why Is An Agency Coach Buying Agencies?

Well, it comes right down to this idea of a portfolio of companies that can intermingle and support each other, and provide even more value to our core audience of agency leaders.

The Kilroy family –, & now eComAllies will have a shared infrastructure of technology, administration & philosophy that will allow each of the delivery teams to focus on what matters – bringing more value to our clients – and less on the mechanics of running a business.

Moreover, with agency lead generation (Retriever) & world-class media buying and customer journey mapping (eComAllies) under one roof, we can help our agency clients through coaching & mentorship, as well as outreach & advertising.

We Couldn’t Be Happier…

Charlie and his team bring talent and expertise to our group. They also provide us with a testing ground for business development, client management, marketing, reporting and growth strategies that we want to prove out so that we can share them with out agency clients.

Charlie will stay on as the leader of eComAllies, but he is also starting a new role of Chief Strategy Officer for all of the Kilroy companies. We are excited because Charlie not only brings more agency owner experience to our group, but he also brings incredible experience in the startup world, having worked with Google Ventures, Toast (amazing recent IPO), MIT Enterprise Forum and more. Charlie is a serious startup powerhouse and we can wait to watch what he accomplishes across all of our companies & clients.

Table of Contents

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