Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Yourself

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The places where agencies fall apart when they’re marketing themselves is twofold. 

One, talking a lot about yourself. Agencies often miss the fact that they need to be addressing the reader who’s looking at their website. The person looking at your website may be interested in who you are, but they’re more interested in understanding that you understand them. You need to market from the audience’s perspective “in” not from your perspective “out.” 

Second, jumping into gibberish and technology that doesn’t make sense. Case studies that claim, “We dramatically increase the ROAS by using a 2% look-alike audience and a progressive retargeting” are a bunch of noise. When you’re talking to clients and prospects, say something simple like, “Are you struggling to grow your business?” Then they feel like you’re talking to them, and they’re listening to what you’re saying. 

Think about the person who wants to buy your services, and talk to them. Don’t talk about yourself. Talk about the people that you help and how you help them.

Table of Contents

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