How to Generate Great Marketing Ideas

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Generate great marketing ideas by deeply understanding who you’re selling to. Imagine you sell to fashion retailers. Sit down and think about the issues associated with your market. For example, “Are there supply chain issues with getting textiles from China? What are other companies doing to figure out the fact that Facebook costs have gone up? Are my clients really shopping on Tik-Tok?”

Think about the things that your target client is wondering about, and create content that addresses those concerns. The content will either provide insightful information to get people thinking about it and build your authority as an expert or it will position you as an easy solution to their problem.

Marketing is about your audience, not about you. What questions does your audience have? Think about the questions your audience has and how you can answer them. Answer in a way that boosts your authority and generates interest in your services. It becomes easier for prospects to hire you when they realize that you have the answer to their question. For example, someone might be wondering if their clients shop on TikTok. You could position yourself as a TikTok expert and explain that you have all the reports they need in order to see how their clients are using the platform.

Table of Contents

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