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    Hi, my name’s Luca and I’m from Italy.
    I came upon your beautifully written piece “On Listening To Bruce Springsteen on My 50th Birthday”, the other day. And I wanna thank you. I’m 53 and I felt the same, for both similar and complete different reasons. But that’s too long story…

    Now and then I contribute to a Springsteen FB page that is growing here in Italy, and I’m mainly focused on going deeper into the songs. That’s why I love when I read essays like yours that can picture the exact connection between our lives, the different experiences, and yet so similar.
    I’d like others, here, to have the chance to read your piece and I wonder if it’s a problem if I translate it in italian and put it on our page, with your name and link. I’m sure it’ll be appreciated by many, as it’s very interesting.

    Just let me know. Thank you for those interesting lines!

    Have a nice day!



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