#TRIPLETHIS is a way for ad agencies, marketing agencies, creative agencies (and anyone who wants to start an agency) to create meaningful goals, ideal client profiles, operational and sales processes and a great culture that will yield more revenue, more profit & more happy. This is created just for agencies (and startup agencies) who need to scale. Agencies face enormous challenges from client acquisition to service delivery to employee growth and retention to profit management and more. It is a brutal business – but one that is enormously rewarding and tons of fun. #TRIPLETHIS Agency Edition is built by an insider (that’s me – started three agencies, sold two and I crashed my 1st one – so I can help you avoid the mistakes that I have made). I have started up new agencies, sold agencies, created new services in existing agencies, overseen technology development, been on the sales side….if its part of agency life, I have probably done it, screwed it up, fixed it and scaled it. I have distilled my 20 years of experience into a framework that I want to customize to you and your business to maximize your agency revenue, profit and growth.


  • Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
  • What Do You Sell?
  • How Do You Sell It Profitably?
  • How To Develop Leads – Fast
  • How To Turn Leads Into Contracts


  • Operational & Process Review
  • Personnel & Org Structure Review
  • Team Building & Alignment
  • Client Management Process Improvements
  • Reporting & Analytics Improvement


  • Are You Vertical Or Horizontal?
  • What Is Your Focal Service
  • Create A Culture of Selling
  • Live Your Value Proposition (and your Values) Everyday


Tim has been growing startups and creating new opportunities for the last two decades. #TRIPLETHIS is the exact tactics that he has used as a C-Level executive to explode revenue, profits & happiness in marketing agencies, retailers & startups. Learn more about Tim...

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Tim helped us define our value proposition, refine our messaging and scale up our biz dev wins…

Leslie Carruthers

CEO & Founder, The Search Guru

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