Niche It, Nail It & Scale It – The Ideal Customer Profile As An Accelerant

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked a LOT about the ideal customer profile. As we’ve discussed, it is the cornerstone of your marketing & business development approach. In my discussions with agencies and some retailers, there is some concern that narrowing down your ideal client profile, you end up limiting your business because you’ve narrowed down your possible market.

In fact nothing is further from the truth – the ideal customer profile is an accelerant to your business. By narrowing down you target, you have the opportunity to show the potential client that you understand their needs, but also their language. If you target restaurant owners, obviously the needs and language of Michelin-starred restaurant is different than Buzzy’s House of Broasted Chicken. So as an agency, you need to create parallel messages that solve both restaurant needs, and in the language that they understand. By initially focusing on one client type, you get the opportunity to get all that you can out of that profile. So, after you learn to close Buzzy, you can start chasing all the quick serve chicken restaurants there are. And then you can move to an adjacent market where the language and client concerns are similar. You will be able to attack that related niche more quickly than you did your initial chicken vertical because you are iterating on a process that you know works. Then you do it again and again. You target your niche, you nail it, then scale it to capture all the business you can. And then you create an adjacent attack, and pretty soon you have the depth of experience and process, as well as the learned language to win the Michelin-starred budget.

Your ideal client profile allows you to expand your business more quickly because you can reach into your back of tricks and have the perfect pitch for a client that fits one of your many ideal customer profile.

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Table of Contents

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