You Tube goes MOBILE. This is interesting not because it is You Tube. There are plenty of ways to get You Tube on your phone. What is interesting is that there is a Beta app that is FREE. Thi smeans that carriers are beginning to honor their promises to be open. In years past, there would have been no access to video through a Java app unless a carrier were involved. It is fitting that Google has done this first, and had the opportunity to create this kind of opportunity. It will be interesting to see how quickly they port the beat app and see what kind of application reach they try to get. The WAP site works well. There are still significant issues of video discovery, but that is endemic to the mobile world (and pretty endemic to You Tube’s web experience, too).

This is good stuff. I would imagine that we will see Google-delivered pre and post roll ads as well as the “layover” type that have started to pop up on YT recently. Although huge success isn’t neccessary in the short term for this to be called a positive experience, I do believe that this is a very interesting development and potentially one of those inflection points that all the biz guys talk about 😉