A lot of people ask me why I named this business growth framework #TRIPLETHIS. Why didn’t I do something catchier like Grant Cardone’s 10x? The answer is really simple – when you triple something, it is almost wholly different than what it was when you started. When you’ve tripled your business you’ve probably hit many of your goals in terms of income, or profits, you are looking at the world in a different way, so it is time to start again with your #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE plan to re-establish your goals and opportunities from your new perch of success.

But more than just a reset of goals, when you’ve hit your first set of achievements, you need time to reflect. Humans don’t scale terribly well all at once. Your viewpoints change, the skills you need to manage a bigger team are different, and let’s face it, you’ve changed throughout the journey. So tripling is good, then you take a breath, refocus and triple again, if that is what feels right and fits in the values and goals of your #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE plan.


#TRIPLETHIS isn’t about “get rich quick” or the “3 Secrets Insiders Don’t Want You To Know…” #TRIPLETHIS is about the people who create & scale businesses and the teams that help them get there. This is a business growth framework that starts with people at it’s core. It isn’t about technology or tactics, #TRIPLETHIS is based on the simple principle that in order for anyone to commit emotionally to work, the work needs to satisfy them not just on a professional level, but on an emotional level. Work has got to mean something in order to you in order to do it with joy. #TRIPLETHIS isn’t about productivity or efficiency (although it increases both), and it isn’t about business strategy (although it makes the right strategy sharper and easier to focus on), #TRIPLETHIS is about creating a framework where your next step is obvious, and your troubleshooting process is clear. Making decisions is hard. Taking the next step isn’t. When we remove the mental energy that we expend on making the right decision, we create more opportunity for you and your team to be creative and take massive leaps forward.

#TRIPLETHIS Is About Alignment & Freedom

#TRIPLETHIS is a framework that allows you to align your work with your goals, both personally and professionally. It allows your teams to align their work with their goals, both personally and professionally. The #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE that we create together will help you have clarity around what you want you, your business and your team to accomplish. But more than that, that fully expressed vision becomes the shared blueprint for your team’s actions. I encourage each company I work with to minimally have each team leader and ideally each team member to do some version of the #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE so that they can align their work with your goals and visions, but also honor their own goals. In this way, the entire team knows how their efforts support the larger goals.

And when you and your team understand how their efforts match the shared goals expressed in the company #FULLYFORWARDFUTURE, this creates freedom. Because everyone is aligned, it allows processes to be changed, job responsibilities to be adjusted, expectations to be met. In short, the alignment between goals and actions in the #TRIPLETHIS framework creates freedom for you and your team. It is easy for everyone to stay in their lane to achieve goals when it is clear what to do to next in order to achieve those goals. Moreover, it is easy to go above and beyond when the goals are so clear and accountability made so easy with THIS DAY | THIS WEEK | THIS MONTH tracking that creativity abounds. If the goals are clear, then every team member is empowered to do what they need to do in order to make the goals a reality. Permission to take action is granted. The opportunity to do the right thing is at hand. Extraordinary things happen when the path is clear.

#TRIPLETHIS IS About The Power of Playbooks

Once the #FullyForwardFuture is fully expressed, and your use Time Travel Planning to map out your milestones, and are leveraging THIS DAY | THIS WEEK | THIS MONTH accountability, your next goal is to document your processes, step by step by step. Once you have your processes mapped, you will go through a process of streamlining them so that they are efficient and help get you closer to your goals.

But the beauty of playbooks is freedom. If you and your team follow the playbook that you create, you add predictability to your business. You know, with some degree of certainty, what is happening next. That gives you amazing freedom to create, to expand, to try, to stretch, to grow.

It is in the newly available free that you can make huge gains on your goals. When uncertainty leaves, growth emerges. And it is in this growth that you create more revenue, more profit and more happy.

#TRIPLETHIS Sounds Great – But How Do I Know It Will Work For My Business?

Because we make it work for your business. Each module that we move through is fully customized to your business. Regardless if this is a bespoke 1-on-1 consulting engagement or a group coaching experience, each part of the #TRIPLETHIS business growth framework is customized to your business, and we create feedback mechanisms so that you know you and your team are making progress towards reaching your goals. #TRIPLETHIS is about helping you leverage this framework to create your own success – but you never do it alone – we work together.

Find The Right #TRIPLETHIS For Your Business

Let's start creating more revenue, more profit & more happy!!