We were so lucky that Chris Martinez of Dude Agency sat down with us to share his insight on how to scope projects the right way and how to create robust communications to increase the clarity, efficiency and performance of all your projects.

This was really, really powerful – and a “must watch” for anyone who struggles with effective project management.

Some of the highlights:

  1. 10% In Reserve:┬áThis is a brilliant strategy where you suggest that whatever type of project you are doing, ask the client to mentally set aside an additional 10% of the budget to account for shiny objects, changes and new directions that might arise during the project. And if you don’t use it – woohoo! Your client now has a budget surplus!
  2. The Magic of the Change Order: This is a place where lots of agencies get sensitive – we quoted them $XXXX – don’t we have to honor that?!?! No way. The change order is the agency (and the client’s best friend).
  3. The Power of 6 Minutes: Chris will show you how just 6 minutes more planning saves 120 minutes in labor. That is a phenomenal ROI!

There is more, but I think you should probably just watch it on your own!


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And if you want to download the slides? Get them here!