More in the series of Tim gets angry and rants (for you, Rick Watson) I have to complain about software that looks, acts and feels like it is 1999. Recently, I was part of a webinar using supposedly best in class technology.

The platform couldn’t accept non-standard fonts in PowerPoint, nor did it support PowerPoint animation. Further, the presentation tool could not be expanded on the presenter’s screen, so I was looking at small versions of my slides…thank goodness that I had my own printouts because my old eyes couldn’t read my own slides!

So, rant for today: If you live on the web, as a company, keep up with the times. Legacy is no reason to have a poor user interface. Technology is lighter, there are open standards. Just because it is your software, don’t let it get stagnant. Grow your tech as fast as the eco-system in which it lives.

It is a big deal. I always had a good feeling about this software provider. They are known for scale, for servicing the Forbes 100, and my experience was as if I were sitting in a conference room in 1999. They weren’t gracious from a technology perspective, or an interface perspective and my opinion of them has dropped precipitously. We could have had similar functionality from a low-touch implementation like Enterprise doesn’t need to mean old and clunky and scale doesn’t mean staid.