So, Helio wasn’t whom I was thinking about when I posted last month that a major carrier would unleash a true unlimited plan, but this is pretty close: $99 for unlimited minites, mobile minutes, text, MMS, Web and GPS is pretty good. The only thing that is missing is tethering or an Aircard option. But, frankly, you will never see an MVNO offer that kind of deal because they pay for their data bit by bit, and there is no way to guarantee that they won’t have a gazillion users hitting the web all month long and chewing through very expensive data. This is a very nice step in the right direction, and I suspect that some other carriers who are really looking for subscribers (uhhh…Hello? Sprint, Can you hear me now?) to add to their rolls might make a good candidate to offer this kind of plan soon too. Nice job, Helio. (By the way, their phone selection is very good, and the network speedy quick. Worth a look if you are in the market.) Thanks to my friends at Engadget Mobile for posting this first.