Skype to Demonstrate Mobile Skype Experience at CES

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Skype to Demonstrate Mobile Skype Experience at CES: So, really, what is the big to-do here? I’m down with Skype. The service is cool. The technology is cool too. But, truly, truly, truly when is the last time you thought about the cost of making a long distance phone call? Domestic calls are virtually free (or, really, the cost is disguised) and international calls are plummeting in cost. (Although roaming calls and international long distance are still a huge profit center for the mobile industry.)Mobile Skype doesn’t relieve you of any burdens. While you are traveling, you must either be paying roaming data rates, or be using a data plan. If you are using just Wifi, then it really isn’t mobile, but rather portable…Mobile Skype may be cheaper than using voice minutes, but you give up the reliability of carrier voice connections. If you are traveling abroad, you will likely be using Wifi and a PC will be just as good an option.No real story here, although the VOIP guys want you to think there is. (As a disclaimer, I love VOIP. My home phone is VOIP, my office phone is VOIP, but they are relacements for traditional services, whereas mobile Skype will be an add-on service on top of your usual monthly voice/data plan fee).If we can get true mobile service without a carrier agreement, then that would be a story.

Table of Contents

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