Mobile Ambition

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Mobile is the industry of ambition, much like the gold-rush days of the internet.

Like a lot of others, I was part of the internet boom, watched my millions in stock options go kaput and resurfaced a few years later in mobile. As I wind my way through the mobile space, this will be my spot to talk about trends, opportunities, facts and fictions that I see in mobile.

This is a very interesting world. With land baron carriers, and technology upstarts who wish to change the world, mobile is a complicated business, and complicated business model to comprehend. There are so many parties with their hands out looking for a piece of the action that it is amazing that anyone stays in business. But the opportunity is so huge! Nearly 1/3 of world’s population has a mobile device. With audiences that large, isn’t it impossible to NOT money?

It feels like 1997 all over again. Rules are ready to be rewritten, brands explode onto the scene and whimper away in a flash. Every opportunity is the killer opportunity to create incredible utility, fantasy and wealth. Stay with me as we walk through this together!

Table of Contents

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