Electronista | T-Mobile US preps for 3G with Nokia 6263

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Electronista T-Mobile US preps for 3G with Nokia 6263 At long last, it looks like T-Mo will join the rest of the major carriers and start offering high speed mobile access (finally). Now let’s imagine that T-Mobile is able to actually create the environment that it wishes, where it’s network really becomes a platform for content access. (A more direct way to express this is the idea that T-Mobile wants to be dumb pipes, which is something that I have heard from inside T-Mo.) High speed + Dumb Pipes = Significant Video Opportunity. Many, many mobile developers ignore T-Mo because of network issues. With an enhanced network and a carrier that wants to get out of your way (and who happens to have the best price/value ratio in the industry), I can see T-Mo beconing a a network that is a hotbed of third-party innovation. (Or I can see them doing nothing interesting and staying the same #4 carrier that they have been…time will tell.

Table of Contents

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