Dear Adrian Gonzalez…

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“We’re not a playoff team. The Rays deserved it and we didn’t, you can’t say we were a good team.’’ – David Ortiz as quoted by Pete Abraham is this morning’s Boston Globe.
“God has a plan, and it wasn’t God’s plan for us to be in the playoffs.’’ – Adrian Gonzalez as quoted by Dan Shaughnessy in this morning’s Boston Globe.
Dear Adrian Gonzalez,
In the aftermath of an epic collapse, falling back on predestination isn’t really the sign of someone who is invested in the outcome. If there is a deity (not a sure bet in my book, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume that there is one), why would there be a plan for a baseball game? If there was a plan, why would you play the freakin’ game? Couldn’t we just wait for God to tell us who wins the World Series?
Take some responsibility. The deity had nothing to do with this. Be a stand up guy and say that you didn’t hit in the clutch or that you didn’t stay within yourself or any other sports pablum, but be a big boy and embrace your lack of performance in an honest way. The kids who wear your shirt deserve that.
Table of Contents

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