Bing Goes Bang

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Bing is really starting to grow…on me personally, my wife, and the rest of the United States…Bing’s traffic is up 8% in June. This is very decent traffic growth. Good on you Microsoft!
Now, I am NOT a Bing convert (I use Google, and, frankly, I am too embedded into Google Apps, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc. to think about changing…so Google won…) But what is interesting to me is the reaction that non-SEO, non-internet folks are saying (these are real things that I have heard):

  • “Bing helps you decide”
  • “Bing is easier”
  • “Bing gives you cash back”
  • “Bing is fast”

All of these are perhaps kudos to Microsoft’s advertising rather than fact, but the key here is that non-techie, non-internetty people are absolutely happy with Bing. They like it. The trust it. They don’t care that it is Microsoft. It is just Bing. And it works. What could be better?
I am happy that there is a fast-growing search engine in town. They have a long way to go to catch Google, but the most interesting thing is that Bing can have a Bang without beating Google.They are starting to change the discussion. It isn’t about depth of results, or the nuance of algorithm, but rather, the quality and trust in the results. While raising the bar might be a bit of an overstatement, Bing is making some noise…

Table of Contents

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