Another Unlimited Plan…this time from Sprint

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While this Sprint plan is really very good, it isn’t EVERYTHING. It offers unlimited minutes, text, web, e-mail, etc. But it doesn’t include any Power or PowerVision options, so that things like SprintTV, or Sprint Navigation or any of the extras that really turn the phone into a multi-media powerhouse are only available at an extra charge (as much a $25/mo). And if you have a Blackberry, that service is additional as well.

However, the fact that it does allow for unlimited data via tethering to your laptop is VERY great. This could mean a real boon for EVDO phones like the Palm Centro where you can get good internet via the phone and very good computer access through the phone when needed. This is a real step in the right direction.
This plan makes me want to give up my BlackBerry and its $39.99/mo data plan…
Table of Contents

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