#TRIPLETHIS is a way for online & traditional retailers to create more revenue, more profit, and more happy. It all starts with a shared vision of success – the #fullyforwardfuture. Then we break it down by functional area to insure that we make system-wide improvement to help you drive more new customers and create more revenue from existing customers. After 20 years of working with and for e-commerce companies and traditional retailers, I know the grind. I understand the complexity and the competition, and I know what your team can accomplish with the right goals, the right accountability and the right incentives.


  • E-Commerce + Store  Strategy
  • Content & Sales Strategy
  • Marketing & Agency Review/Audits
  • Meaningful Metric Development
  • Customer Segmentation


  • Operational & Process Review
  • Personnel & Org Structure Review
  • Team Building & Alignment
  • Customer Service Process Improvements
  • Reporting & Analytics Improvement


  • Define Ideal Customer Segements
  • Create Meaningful Differentiation
  • Create Your Area of Excellence
  • Live Your Value Proposition (and your Values) Everyday


Tim has been growing startups and creating new opportunities for the last two decades. #TRIPLETHIS is the exact tactics that he has used as a C-Level executive to explode revenue, profits & happiness in marketing agencies, retailers & startups. Learn more about Tim…

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Tim helped us define our value proposition, refine our messaging and scale up our biz dev wins…

Leslie Carruthers

CEO & Founder, The Search Guru

Want to learn more about how #TRIPLETHIS can impact your business and help you generate more revenue, more profit & more happy?

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