I am a big fan of cold email for prospecting. I think it is such a useful prospecting tool that I wrote a cold email guide.

I’ve run across something that runs totally contrary to what I expected.

In my e-mails, I give away some super high-quality content (like watch the video, do it and make more money today). I love giving away content, and for prospects I really want to show them the kind of quality insight and information that they get from me.

email click through ratePretty consistently, 6-8% of my prospects click on those resources – I am not sure if that is “magical”, but it works. I get people to engage with my content, they are able to make their judgements about my expertise, and generally I think this strategy is effective. Many of my 1st time calls reference content that I have created and shared.

I have used videos in e-mails previously. In fact, my Focus Friday email series has a video at its core. But I have never used a video in a prospecting email before. I’m not shy about drawing the click, but I’ve been really focused on email prospecting as a text medium – I use video a lot in my Agency Breakout FB group & my LinkedIn feed. But I got really well-done testimonial, and I thought I would try dropping a video as some 3rd-party cred in my outreach.

The result set is whacky.


The video has a 24% CTR – completely dwarfing my usual CTR. This campaign is still active, so the result set isn’t final yet, but the CTR video email CTRis so astounding that I am going to actively test and analyze this. The response rate to the video e-mail is lower than my “regular” cold email (video e-mail is at 14% reply rate whereas historic average is ~23ish%). But if the CTR rate continues to dominate, then we can leverage the eye candy of a video snippet to drive traffic to a quality video-based experience (maybe more training content, or perhaps a video-heavy page with additional engagement elements…

Are you trying video in your prospecting? What are your results?