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In an earlier post – Build Your Business For The Mission Not The Money – I basically said that you need to be focused on the right goals in the right way – and that an arbitrary amount of money can’t be a sustaining mission. I work with lots of companies that have clear desire to get to a particular revenue goal. And that is their focus – that number – that artificial milestone. And whenever we start with money as the goal, the company eventually loses steam and they do not continue to invest in the changes that they need to make in order to hit that milestone. You know why, because money isn’t a mission. It is a side effect of doing the hard work – of following the 3 Magic Secrets – money is the outcome, not the goal. I had a client call me this week to tell me that money was the mission, and that money is why she works so hard. I call BS on that one.

Hey gang. It’s Tim. Today I want to talk about something that’s kind of crucial. The other day I made a blog post about how you should think of revenue as fuel for your mission rather than money that you get. One of my clients actually immediately read that post and said, “Hey, Tim. What if my mission is to get money? How do I adjust it so that I’m doing all the things that you say, so that I can achieve my mission of getting money?” Well, what you really need to think about is, why you were trying to get money? That’s number one. So you’re not getting money for the company, you’re actually getting money for you, so that you can accomplish things that you want to accomplish in your life.
But, what I really want to talk about is how you manage those things. Because, when you were building a company, you’re actually building sort of an organic life form of itself. It has a culture. It has components. It’s got staff. So you need to protect that organism. And that is your primary mission, because it is that organism that creates the money that you want to get. So this is the cycle. So its important that you keep your focus on the reasons why you’re trying to get the resource that you’re after. And for some of my clients, the resource is time. They need more money so they can hire more staff, so they can have more time to do the things that they’re good at, or to grow, or to change, or whatever the case may be.
And sometimes you’re trying to get more money because you need things. You need things because you’ve got to send your kids to college, or you need to buy the vacation house, or whatever the case may be. But that’s the end result. So the money is still the fuel to achieve the goal. So, if you can create the mission that matches what the company can do, then, frankly, the money can be your mission. That’s your goal. That’s sort of the milestone that we set in time travel planning. Or it would be the meaningful measurable goal in our fully forward future. But, you have to be clear that money is not the goal. You’re trying to get money in order to accomplish something else. So, you need to shift your mindset from money as a selfish, give it to me thing, because there’s things that I want to do. But you need to switch that, so that money becomes … I want to accomplish this and money is the tool that I use. Okay? That’s hard because you get focused on the dollars.
I was talking to somebody yesterday, a husband and wife team, that they’re not going to feel like they are a success until they it a certain particular milestone in terms of revenue that their company makes, their agency makes. So they’re very, very focused on this number, and it’s a good number for a small company. But they’re focused on that as the metric of success. And so, I just asked them, if they made $13,000 less than that, would they consider themselves a failure? And they were both like, “No, of course not.”
So it isn’t the number that you’re after. It’s what you can do with the number. And that’s really important. So, keep your mission focused on the mission, and know that money is just the fuel. Now, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough fuel. And we’ll talk about that. We talk about that an awful lot. But I really want to make sure that we’re focused on the fact that money is fuel for your mission. Your mission is never to get money. Thanks. We’ll talk soon.

Table of Contents

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