Cold E-Mail Compendium




So, I’ve created a guide that takes all the lessons that I have learned about e-mail and given you a step by step path to:
  • Create e-mail headlines that explode your open rate.
  • Craft cold e-mail that builds your credibility & expertise.
  • Personalize e-mails to make your prospects feel like you are only talking to them.
  • And more…
But more than this 127 page guide, the Cold E-Mail Compendium is a gold mine of cold messaging content. Every month, inside the Cold E-Mail Compendium member’s area we will be adding content tests, tool reviews, insights, templates and more. Constantly update your cold e-mail skills with:
  • The latest in cold messaging tactics & frameworks that drive your response rates to 20%, 30% or even higher.
  • In-depth reviews of tools and platforms to maximize your productivity.
  • Interviews with e-mail heavyweights.
  • And even more…