John Hill Part 2- The Kilroy Report

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John Hill, author of Selling From Scratch and founder of Adapted Growth, joins Tim to discuss ways you can improve your sales process and communication skills. John says you can make your life easier by looking at the kinds of clients you like to work with and the ones you don’t. Always be iterating your targeting and your process and be thoughtful about who you choose to work with. He believes that one of the biggest misconceptions is the view that sales is all ego and pushing hard when really it involves a good discovery and understanding of pain problems and gaps. He allows prospects to self discover as much as possible. He pointed out that if you say something as a salesperson, you have to prove it. If they say it as the prospect, you don’t have to prove anything because they have brought it up and said it on their own. Listen to the conversation for more of John’s incredible insights.

Table of Contents

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