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Dana Lindahl (Legendary Podcasts) chats with Tim Kilroy about using podcasts to grow your business. Dana says that podcasts are a great way for the host and guest to get exposure, engagement, and new leads. Dana helps place his clients on podcast tours to get their message out, put themselves in front of new audiences, and win customers. 

Tim and Dana discuss the difference between Clubhouse and podcasting. Clubhouse demands real time attention. It’s the inconvenience of a live webinar without the convenience of a replay. Podcasts are recorded and allow people to go back and review them. Clubhouse is good for sensitive, spur of the moment topics that people don’t necessarily want recorded, while podcasts provide convenient, more permanent information.

Dana emphasizes that podcasts are not just for the host. Coming into it with a self serving attitude will reflect in the episode. He recommends you lead with value first, give your best advice, and be an open book. That’s what’s going to make you stand out and stay in people’s minds. People want to feel a part of something and be able to relate to it. It’s important to let your guests talk and be the expert. You, as the host, are just there to extract nuggets of information. It can be hard for hosts who are also experts in what is being discussed to keep quiet.

Table of Contents

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