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Daisy Foster isn’t typical – nor are her results.

She watched the stresses and strains of her target market from the inside. You see, Daisy’s dad runs a cleaning company. She watched him work himself beyond the point of healthy. She watched him stress and strain about money and service and business. She watched him sacrifice himself for her family.

She founded her digital agency, Digitool, and her father’s business was a client. Over time, the Digitool team began to focus more and more on cleaning businesses. And Digitool now services exclusively cleaning businesses across the globe.

Daisy believes, “It’s better to build something slowly and authentically than scale quickly if the things involved aren’t right, if your heart isn’t in it, if you aren’t in a position to take on 50 new clients and give them all fantastic customer service. Do it slowly, and those customers are going to stick with you, and they’re going to shout about you, and they’re going to buy the second and third and fourth products that you offer. You don’t need to be in a rush to make your first million. You need to be in a rush to make your first 50 loyal customers.” 

What is the secret of success for Digitool? It’s really, really simple – it’s love. Daisy & her team know so much about the lives and dreams of her clients that she knows them deeply. And they show it, daily.

But more than that, Daisy and her team do the unusual to engage and retain clients – and they invest in the client community. They are not only an agency that services cleaning companies, Digitool is part of the tribe.

This is such a powerful example of my completely made up metric ROU (Return on Understanding)

Please listen to this podcast – it will do you a world of good!

Table of Contents

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