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Tim speaks with Ben Lund of Rise Marketing Group. Ben, an agency coaching client, is a digital veteran and former Googler. He also worked at Yahoo and RKG Ad Agency (currently Merkle) before striking out on his own. In a little more than a year’s time, Ben has increased his agency revenue by 4x, built out a management team, and expanded the number of services he offers.

Tim and Ben discuss the role of search experts in today’s marketing world, the increasing importance of creative and the need for consistent messaging and tone across all channels, the evolution of performance marketing, problems e-commerce marketers face, and the difficulties of growing and scaling an agency.

Ben finds fulfillment in Rise’s success, in seeing people grow in their roles, and in the impact he has on his clients. He speaks about the transition and mindset shifts needed to go from doing the work to running and leading the agency. His advice to agency owners is, “Don’t look down…It can get scary, and the fears can start to take over…Always look up.

Table of Contents

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