PLAJust today, I was doing some client work and wanted to check out the competition for a search – so I typed in a search “canon sx30 is“. And I was expecting a typical set of PLAs – 8 or 16 all from merchants I never heard of…but I have never seen a single pane PLA. (If this is old news, then please forgive me.) But this was one of the most high-impact presentations for a search result that I have seen. Google’s foray into data to identify products and then mixing that with the power of PLAs is great. I feel sorry for all CSEs out there. This just kills your business.

The Knowledge graph explosion has been pretty incredible too – especially in the world of books. Title and author searches lead you into the world of Google books – do a search for “italo calvino” and see what you would rather click on – 10 blue links or the gorgeous Knowledge graph entry?

As a consumer, I love this – Google is aggregating information and giving it to me so I can make an informed click. As a marketer, it feels, a little bit, like Google is trying to keep my traffic rather than refer it to me. Wasn’t that the point? That Google finds everything and tells you where to go? Know, they are telling you what you want to know without you having to experience the site that has given them the information that they are serving you.

I am loving and hating this. You?