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From: Tim Kilroy

3x Agency Owner, Now Agency Coach – I help agencies grow 2x as fast.

Thanks for downloading The Perfect Proposal Framework. It is headed your way as you read this sentence. This framework has proven itself time and time again as the very best way to get your prospects from wondering “how much is this…” to “when can we get started?!?!”

The Framework Works...

But a sale is not made in the proposal alone. An agency sale starts at the first introduction and doesn’t end until your contract does. There are hundreds of steps along the way…and we are here to help you at each and every stage.

Let’s Give You A Jumpstart...

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is get started. So, let’s make this easy.

What would you say to getting a reusable PowerPoint & Keynote template that you can use to speed the creation of your next deal winning proposal? This isn’t a template where you just slap in your logo and change some numbers…you are so much better than that…
This is a template that will guide you creating a compelling proposal step by step…slide by slide, page by page…with all of the checklists, guidelines and processes that my agencies have used to land business with 6,7,8,9 & 10 figure clients.
These guidelines will help you create a powerful proposal that stands up, helps you stand out, and takes your prospect on a journey that helps them understand that your aren’t a solution provider, but THE BEST CHOICE TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM.

What Our Clients Say...

Nick LaMothe

We went from 80-90 hour work weeks to “normal working hours”...all while doubling our MRR...oh yeah, and we exited to a 9-figure agency...pretty great investment...”

-Trident Growth Partners-

Anfernee Chang

“...when we started, we were break even at $40K MRR. In 10 weeks, we radically changed our offer, our proposal and sales process. Best of all, we also had our first $150K”

The Perfect Proposal Jumpstart Pack

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The Perfect Proposal Framework has helped my agencies and my agency clients dramatically improve our pitch to close ratio. This isn’t an accident. Over the last 20 years, I have sharpened this framework to bring your prospect from “Let’s see what they are offering…” to “Let’s get started…”