Nokia’s “free” Comes with Music… and DRM and hidden fees – Engadget This is the start of something great, regardless of the hidden fees and DRM. Nokia, as often happens, is taking the lead to generate value for its customers. Be mindful that I am talking about Nokia’s customers, not the mobile carrier’s. For folks like Nokia, and let’s lump Apple, SE, RIM and Moto in this group, too, the value of a handset sale goes way beyond the transaction that gets you using the handset on the carrier network. The value really comes in making you have a great relationship with Nokia (or others). Because you will be a Nokia (or other) customer for a long time. I go through about 1 handset purchase per year. So, I probably have 40 or so more mobile phone purchases to make in my life. If Nokia gives me music (that costs them little), or maps or whatever that stay with me as long as I am a Nokia user, then, the argument goes, that these ancillary offerings of content will drive my purchase decisions for years to come. And you know, they are probably right. If I get value beyond the handset that has nothing to do with monthly subscription I pay to my carrier, then I might just become a brand fanatic. And isn’t that what any of these companies want?