What a week. Nokia announces that it has 40% GLOBAL MARKET SHARE. That is just remarkable. 4 out of every 10 phones sold belong to Nokia. That is an astounding piece of news. This kind of global market leverage makes Nokia’s push into content and services through Ovi, and their acquisition of Navteq seem like incredibly smart moves. This puts Nokia into a real power position and potentially reduces the need for any carrier influence in the content and service value chain.

Motorola, on the other hand, announced diappointing results. Most interesting is the drop in marketshare. In 2006, Moto made 1 out of every 4 phones, now it is one out of every 8. (I think we know where the difference went…) Moto is on the verge of becoming a footnote in mobile. Nokia, Apple, Samsung are all on the rise, and Moto is searching desperately for a RAZR hit. Moto is approaching the game like Jack Cust, swinging hard and looking for a big home run. Nokia is more like Ichiro, hitting for average and stretching singles into doubles. Guess who is an All-Star?