The Power of Frameworks To Grow Your Company

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I do spend a lot of time focusing on the right client for your business, in some ways refining to the right kind of client is a second order of business. In order to serve that “ideal” client, your business has to offer value to that ideal client. Startups and early stage agencies often think that value means low price. And pricing can be a powerful leverage point for winning business – but pricing and value aren’t the same. (More about the importance of pricing & value on the other side of this link.)

But what truly defines value is the connection between the potential client pain and the framework you use to solve that pain. Your framework can be many things – a discovery process, or a data gathering and analysis process, or even a simple process that you follow for service delivery.

Creating the framework of your business is building the foundation of your success. This, much like focusing in on the ideal client, is an exercise in focus. Much like the Niche It Nail It Scale It paradigm, your framework in an exercise in learning to narrow, refine and scale. Much of the effort in growing a business is becoming incredibly adept at pattern recognition to build a solid framework. Image that you run an early stage digital agency and offer SEO & programmatic display as services. (A weird combination, no doubt.) There probably isn’t a lot of similarity in your delivery and processes because those advertising channels work on different cadences and goal activities.

This is where pattern recognition comes in. What are the commonalities between those client service efforts? Is it the way that you show the value of the result? Is it the way that you match your efforts to the clients goals? Is it how you value your result set? Those commonalities are the basis of your framework. These commonalities are the the pillars of your framework and that, fundamentally is where you create value for your client.

These are the reasons I call TripleThis a growth framework. It isn’t a program with prescribed steps, it is a way of thinking about your time, your mission, your accountability and your market that allows the same growth framework to serve agencies, retailers and startups in ways that are relevant and specific to them, but also allows me to scale TripleThis as a framework because I am leveraging the same core activities and thought processes onto a different landscapes, but the values and thinking that drive TripleThis are the same. By using a framework methodology rather than a prescribed program, I can drive scale, efficiency and flexibility at the same time – a rare combination.


Table of Contents

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