Even More QR Code Madness

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Hey Gang, I am giving a presentation today to the American Catalog Mailer’s Association about how catalogers can effectively leverage QR codes. This compelling tie between print and mobile or print and web creates a bounty for catalogers. The entire eco-system can be energized when the immediacy of enticement can be fulfilled by augmenting the catalog presentation with new, interactive content. 10 examples:

  1. If you are multi-channel, and a catalog consumer accesses a QR code, you can point them to a mobile web page that ascertains their location to give directions to your store.
  2. You can present a “How-To” video to help the consumer understand how they might use your product every day.
  3. You can point it at a PURL (personalized URL) that welcomes the customer by name and has personalized recommendations.
  4. You can point the QR code at your Facebook page and increase your share of “earned media”.
  5. You could offer a discount for a mobile-originated purchase.
  6. You could enter them in a fantastic contest.
  7. You could sign them up for an e-mail newsletter.
  8. You could send them to a QR-Code only sale page.
  9. You could sign them up for text alerts.
  10. You could give them a coupon for an in-store purchase.
  11. (Bonus) You could point them at your loyalty program and give them a bonus for joining through mobile.
And since catalog page-space is so valuable, it is important to maximize both the visual impact of the QR code. The standard QR code looks like this (this is the QR code for this blog post):
But there are amazing, gorgeous QR codes that can seamlessly fit your scheme and be downright engaging:
From Louis Vitton:
From Corkbin:
So the QR code can be a brand reinforcement opportunity as well. This is cool stuff!
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Table of Contents

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