3 Steps To Getting More Leads

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Number One: Know who you’re trying to attract. In order to get more leads, you must know who you want your leads to be. Figure out who you’re trying to attract, and have a very clear definition of that. You can’t sell to a vague concept of a business. You can’t create a message that resonates, if you’re trying to address a big market that you don’t understand.

Number Two: Know how your audience is most likely to receive and respond to information. Once you’ve defined your target, you have to figure out the best way to get the most impact. Determine the most likely channel in which your audience will get and respond to your message. If you’re trying to connect with the VP of Marketing of online fashion retailers who are between $10 million and 20 million, there’s plenty of those people in the world. While they are not homogeneous, they do have similar characteristics about where they get their information, and what they respond to. You could try things like postcards, billboards, or bus wraps, but they probably won’t be effective for that audience. If you’re a digital advertising company, and you are talking to a digital marketer, you’re going to want to crush this down into things that are native to both of you. These include email, text, advertising, LinkedIn content, Facebook Live, etc. You have to understand what it’s like to be on the other side of receiving your message. You have to be smart enough and empathetic enough to put yourself in the receptive position.

Number Three: Know what to say to make yourself stand out from everyone else. How do you do this? Leverage the understanding that you have of what it’s like to be the people you’re trying to attract, and then connect the things that you do with their needs. 

Know who you’re talking to. Know what it’s like to be them. Do the hard work for them. Connect the benefit of what you do to their needs. That’s how you get a lead.

Table of Contents

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