Paid Search Management

analytics-8For most marketers, paid search represents their biggest digital marketing expenditure. Paid search is high traffic intent marketing that is infinitely complex and nuanced in it’s approach. My business is helping you drive the very best return on your advertising spend. From e-commerce to lead generation, I have managed over $300mm in paid search spend in may career. I’d like to share that depth of experience with your business to help you maximize your PPC return on ad spend. (And if you are interested, check out my ramblings on paid search marketing at Selling To The C).

How Can Tim Help?

With 20 years thinking about search, search marketing, and performance advertising and with depth of experience as a senior level marketer at top-tier retailers, I have both theĀ strategic vision andĀ tactical expertise to dramatically increase the ROI of your search campaigns.

  • Campaign Audits
  • Campaign Management
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Long-Tail Keyword Campaign Development
  • Non-Brand Campaign Development
  • Brand Campaign Optimization
  • Google & Bing Shopping Campaigns
  • Advanced Analytics & ROI-Tracking
  • E-Commerce Expertise
  • Deep Lead Gen Experience

I work with marketers of all sizes – no minimum spend required. Need help with marketing strategy & planning or search engine optimization – juts follow the links!

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