Sometimes you just need some help. Staff changes, business changes, competitive changes can all push your marketing plans into disarray. And you need someone to come in and put together a plan. You need to understand what to spend where and how to measure it. You need to understand what your company needs to do next, in terms of people, process and plan. An experienced marketer can help you navigate what happens next.

A fractional or interim CMO can help you grow while even while transitions happen. I help them move ahead. Some of the things I can help with:

  • Campaign & Channel Audits – Where are you wasting money today?
  • Campaign Management – Do you need day to day help?
  • Full Marketing Audit – What have you been doing? How effective has it been? Where are the hits and misses? What are your competitors doing?
  • Marketing Department Review – Do you have the right personnel in the right seats? Do you have enough staff? Too much staff? The right staff? We work with you to optimize your people, processes and technology tool set to insure that you have all the needed elements to scale.
  • Marketing Mix Review – Where are you spending? Why? And how is it performing? What about your competition?
  • Agency Review – Do you work with an agency? Are you happy? If not, let’s talk. I can leverage my 20 years of marketing and digital advertising experience to evaluate your current agency (and maybe renegotiate your contract?), or help your write and solicit requests for proposals, and run the interview process to insure that you get the best from your marketing partners.




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