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Peter Druker once said (or so it has been said) “The purpose of business is to create a customer.” That is what I do. I help you create customers.

SEO | Paid Search Management | Consulting CMO 

Retailers & Marketers: At your core, you thrive on the growth of audience. Throughout my career, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with incredible brands, helping them do amazing things. Here are just a few:

  • The North Face – SEO
  • Brookstone – SEO
  • Batteries.com – SEO, SEM, CSE, Affiliate, Display, E-Mail
  • Karmaloop – SEO, SEM, Display, Affiliate, E-Mail, Social Media, Mobile, Loyalty Marketing and more.
  • Wayfair –  Content Marketing, SEO
  • Elizabeth Arden – SEO, Social Media
  • Ulla Popken – SEO
  • Woodcraft – SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Google Product Listings
  • Paul Fredrick – SEO, Social Media, Branding
  • Bloomingdale’s – SEO
  • The Sportsman’s Guide – SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, Analytics
  • Delia’s – SEO, Content Marketing
  • Kajeet – SEO, Content Marketing
  • Quasar Expeditions – SEO, Social, Content Marketing
  • The Source (Canada) – SEO, SEM & Loyalty
  • One Medical Group – SEM & CRO
  • Johnston and Murphy – SEM & Analytics
  • Doll’s Kill – SEM

Marketing Services Providers: I have been lucky enough to work with companies to help them grow their businesses through the development of high-quality relationships that drive revenue…after all that is what really matters:

  • Inktomi – Business Development
  • SpinShark – Executive Management and Business Development
  • PM Digital – Executive Management, Product Management and Business Development
  • Batteries.com – Business Development and Partnership Creation
  • Golf Pixel – Business Development
  • Curebit – Business Development, Marketing
  • GP Shopper – Business Development
  • Wayfair – Business Development
  • AdChemix – Executive Management, Product Management and Business Development

Successful Deals: I have been lucky enough to land deals with AOL, The North Face, Brookstone, Woodcraft, Nylon Magazine, Amazon, eBay, Merchantry, Exact Target, ATT, Virgin Mobile, Sprint, Time Inc., Conde Nast, Barnes and Noble, Kenshoo, Channel Intelligence, and literally hundreds of others. I can help bring your business to the right partner, be it client or vendor.

I can help your business grow, by generating new customers through advanced marketing techniques, or by creating meaningful partner relationships that drive revenue. Let me help your business create customers.

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