Does Anybody Care about Google Music? Not Google’s Best Moment

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Honestly, it doesn’t seem like it is all that different than Amazon’s music service, and it seemingly pales in comparison to Spotify, and doesn’t offer the ease of iTunes. Who needs it?
It is clear that Google is at its very best when it has an original vision and is unencumbered by what others do or existing market offerings. Big data, speed and access are seemingly the entry requirements, but Google is at its best when it reimagines, not iterates (Twitter – Buzz, Google+ – Facebook).
If Google was hell bent on getting into the music space, they should have done it leveraging their algorithmic prowess. Imagine what kind of analysis and discovery opportunity could have occurred if Google focused on music DNA like Pandora? (Music and math are so closely related, I can only imagine what Google’s massive computing power could do…)
This is totally a me too product. It is sad that a company of incredible technology visionaries has diminished itself to stumbling into markets 8 years too late. I would rather they focus on the autonomous cars or space ladders where they have a unique vision rather than chase the tail lights of a bus that has already left the station.
Color me diasppointed.

Table of Contents

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